The Mountain Man

July 2014 – Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach was, without a doubt, my favourite place to be in California. The people there were lively, fun, entertaining and so very unique and in some instances… odd, but in a very good way.

I will post a few more pictures of the interesting people of Venice Beach, but The Mountain Man was my favourite. It was hot out, especially for us Canadians, so seeing this man fully clothed in mountain gear, complete with the racoon hat was a site to behold. He didn’t flinch when taking this photo, he didn’t pose, he didn’t throw out a fake smile and wave… he was just being him and when do what I do, that is exactly what you want. Just be real and be yourself, or in this case, be “The Mountain Man”!

The Garlic Vendor

January 2006 – Huatulco, Mexico

If you are searching for a hot holiday, Huatulco is a fantastic choice with inly 1 month of rain per year, there is very little concern about getting enough sun!

The resorts are beautiful, the people are wonderful and within a very short distance from the Huatulco resorts is La Crucecita, a small local town where you can get fresh produce, eat at authentic restaurants, purchase handmade textiles etc.

If you haven’t been… I suggest you do!

The Fish Monger

May 2016 – Chinatown, San Francisco, California

Chinatown markets have to be some of my favourite places to see. The New York and San Francisco Chinatownskre specifically have such incredible liveliness and rawness. The markets are set up like markets, its not like heading to your boring old grocery store where 95% of the products are bagged, boxed, canned or frozen. Eating mysteriously flavoured Dim Sum from a restaurant that has no English writing on the menus and the servers, cashiers also have no English vocabulary is a treat in itself and highly recommended!

Alleyway Soccer

March 2010 – Havana, Cuba

Cuba was a fascinating place to visit, in partucular Havana was quite spectacular. There are no shortages of photographic opportunities whether it be the general public, the buskers, the architecture or the classic vehicles. If you are a traveller, Cuba is a must see country. There is a beautiful but gritty appeal, bright colours but with some raggedness. Certainly, there is no shortage of Che and Castro propaganda, which just adds to the uniqueness of the country.